How to shut the kids up

With seemingly ever-increasing traffic woes, work and family commitments and even the pressure of where exactly to go, the good old fashioned ‘Road trip’ is, I feel, becoming more and more of a struggle to justify. The lure of a long ‘holiday’ weekend away is being usurped with the thought of trying to pack everything required into a vehicle, timing the departure for the least amount of gridlock and the never ending juggle of road and speedo watching to remain with a points-free licence. In fact, the thought of it all has me rolling my eyes and fills me with a fair amount of dread - My family, however, don’t feel the same way, especially since Ford had us check out the new Endura Titanium.

It’s big and bold on the outside and this size translates well inside too. As expected, Driver and front seat passengers have more than ample head and leg room but it’s those three-seats in the rear that are well and truly spoilt - even moreso if you are a 4ft something only child.

The new Endura has room across the rear for three sizable passengers, increased shoulder room and more personal space makes for less arguments and thus a more convivial road trip. Reclining heated seats add to the pleasure and dual-zone temperature settings help stop any blood from boiling. 12V and 220V charge points in the rear keeps devices charged and passengers occupied plus my model came with two individual head-rest screens to play movies, complete with headphones - Head, shoulder and leg space, heated seats and movies, it’s business class back there (thankfully no ‘call’ button for the cabin crew).

The view is great too. There is plenty of visibility around the Endura plus the Titanium has a full-length Panoramic roof for when (or is that if) devices and movies cease to entertain.

Since my wife embraces the Scouts ‘Be Prepared’ philosophy, the 800L of luggage space (if the driver doesn’t require visibility) is just about enough for an overnight stay and more than enough for normal people.

But don’t think the new Endura is all about the passengers, the driver gets some tasty treats too. Traffic sign recognition means that wherever you are, even the never-ending road maintenance parts, you are aware of the speed limits. It has a speed limiter should you require it and Adaptive Cruise Control to follow the ‘inevitable’ car in front. Sync 3 has you all connected up, with Navigation and WAZE offering up inter-driver traffic issues.

Under the Endura’s muscular bonnet is a 2L diesel engine (140kW/400Nm) that provides 6.7L/100km efficiencies, intelligent AWD for all road and weather conditions and a smart park assist feature for when you arrive at your destination.

Modern day life is getting increasingly demanding and making the effort to get away and take a break should be more important now than ever before. Sure the traffic is horrible, weather is unpredictable and don’t get me started on accommodation that satisfies everyone, but at least, with the Ford Endura’s ‘personal’ space and ‘individual’ entertainment options, you’ll get to spend some quality time with the family, quiet and left alone to really enjoy the road trip.