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How to spend the motorsport off-season

As the racing season ends, fans are left without racing-themed content to watch. Here are some antidotes.

1y ago

Barring Formula E and WEC, a vast majority of the motorsport series' around the world have drawn to a close for their respective winter breaks. This means that, across the world, fans of racing have depleted their stockpile of the season's race highlights, and are left pacing back and forth every Sunday morning, with their TV blank, void of any racing.

And so, with boredom fast-approaching, here are some measures you can take in order to avoid the post-season withdrawal.

Watch classic races

While they may not be live, classic races are an excellent pastime that can deliver a racing fan the motorsport-related content they desire. The roar of old-school engines never fails to stimulate excitement, and the grainy footage is always worth the watch, as classic cars turn laps around gorgeous gravel-lined circuits- tracks which aren't concerned with pesky things like safety.

Branch out and watch other series'

ABB twitter

ABB twitter

While your principal series-to-watch may have shut down for these next few months, there are still some championship's that continue throughout the traditional 'off-season'. So, as an alternative to no-racing, you can take the opportunity to watch some new motorsports, such as Formula E, which you may not have bothered to watch in different circumstances, but are able to examine now.

See your family

During the racing season, fans are busy, so it's understandable that we never speak to our families. Perhaps you can use the off-season as a chance to meet your parents, or siblings. Maybe you can even make eye contact. Or, just keep watching the classic races. The latter is most likely the best option.

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Comments (9)

  • I'm going to be looking forward to Lando's twitch streams

      1 year ago
  • Dakar , Daytona 24h , Bathurst and the other early year classics was closed by day by day .

      1 year ago
  • We talked about this before, but WEC fans are accustomed to the motorsport off-season as the gap is huge XD I actually feel lucky this winter because we also have Bathurst and Daytona to watch!

      1 year ago
  • Carlos and Lando are going make it a bit bearable this time

      1 year ago
  • Watching Inside the NBA (really funny and the NBA is on ) and F1’s YouTube channel

      1 year ago