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How to stay comfortable during a long distance drive

Road trips shouldn't be a chore

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Everyone has their own definition of a long distance drive. Yours could be one hour or more, maybe three hours or more, but it really depends on what you're used to. Lately, I've been busy going back and forth to take care of family, which is a little over an hour drive each way. It's been tiring, but I've found some easy ways to stay comfy.

Going some extra several hundred miles can be an exhausting experience, so here are some of the best ways to stay comfortable for the long haul.

Find a comfortable position

Before you even start the car, adjust your seat to a position that allows for proper posture. Sit up straight and save enough leg room to stretch out. Check all the mirrors so that you can see out of them with no obstructions. Have all of your ancillary stuff (detailed later) within reach for quick access.


Long distance driving can get boring pretty fast, so having a playlist ready or a collection of interesting podcasts to listen to is one of the best methods to break the monotony. Audio books are great too!


If your car isn't equipped with a built-in GPS, a plug in system can be added, or use an app on your phone. Even if you know where you're going, a navigation resource could be useful in case of unexpected road closures. An old school paper map wouldn't hurt to throw in the trunk either, especially on cross country road trips.

Photo by Samuel Foster on Unsplash

Photo by Samuel Foster on Unsplash

Comfy clothes

When you're sitting for a long time, your clothes should allow for some breathing room. Nicer clothes can be brought along to change in to, if need be. Wear good shoes in case of a breakdown and you have to walk. Comfortable shoes are also important for a safe driving experience.


Depending on how far you're going, bring along a few light snacks and drinks, especially water. Staying hydrated can help keep you alert. My long drives usually begin first thing in the morning, so I always take a thermos of coffee, my favorite beverage.


Why not keep you and your passengers cozy, in addition to blaring the heat of course. Blankets should be in your car anyway in case you get stranded from a breakdown, or maybe you have a passenger who likes to keep their window down the whole time (shout-out to my mom) and you become a popsicle. Throw a blanket on your lap or around your shoulders for a little extra comfort.

But don't get too cozy...

Bim knows all too well about long distance driving

Bim knows all too well about long distance driving

Your daily necessities

We each have different things we need with us when we go out. Write a checklist to ensure you bring all your ancillary necessities - sunglasses, phone charger, driver's license, passport, etc. Keep these items within easy reach so you're not turning your attention away from the road to find them.

Take breaks

Even if you think you're okay to drive another hour, it's better to stop and refresh. Truck stops in the US are like small towns. They have wide open shopping plazas that always include big box stores like Walmart, and plenty of chain restaurants for the picking. These rest areas also have several hotels. Taking breaks gives you a chance to stretch your legs, do some jumping jacks, or even take a quick power nap.

How do you stay comfortable on a long distance drive?

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  • Sounds crazy but sometimes talking to your car is a good way to face a lonely trip🤪

      15 days ago
    • I may have done this 🤭

        15 days ago
    • I definitely do this!! I’m closer to my cars than I am to most people I’ve known!

        14 days ago
  • Every single point is spot on, I once drove from Glasgow to Birmingham and back in 1 day. It took around 10 hours of constant driving which was difficult but having a comfortable car made life easier!

      14 days ago