How to take a 9.200Rpm LADA right to its Limits

The unassuming machine from Communist Russia transformed into a lairy Hillclimb Monster

Tamás Tomcsanyi races and prepares quite the unique machine, a LADA 2101, which has evolved tremendously in the last couple years. The 1.6L Naturally Aspirated RWD car from Russia features now Sequential Gearbox and a lot of bespoke bodywork. All in all we are looking at a 180Hp/9.200Rpm LADA NIVA engine Block with an injector system taken from a Hayabusa motorbike moving a 870Kg Rear Wheel Drive machine.

But more than that it is Mr. Tomcsanyi driving style that really stands out, with a quite aggressive approach, never afraid to use the some sliding in the process. For that, this duo certainly deserves our respect and all the support the fans gives them in each event they enter. Like here at Buzet HillClimb 2018.

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