- T​he more wheels, the better right?

H​ow to unlock the Zikz 605R 8x8 in SnowRunner

H​ere's a SnowRunner guide to unlocking the 8-wheeled Mother Nature-ignoring Zikz 605R found in deepest, darkest Russia.

23w ago

R​ussia is known for various things, one of which is the unforgiving weather. Go east enough and it's actually possible for it to be so cold your engine freezes. Fun times. That's why Russian vehicles do not mess about.

C​ase in point: The Zikz 605R in SnowRunner truck has eight wheels, all powered by an engine so large it tears a hole in the ozone layer wherever it trundles. Dragging about that military-grade over-engineering is thirsty work.

N​aturally, this is not a truck for a member of Greenpeace. It is, however, bags of fun in SnowRunner's digital setting, which in Phase 4 of the Season Pass means a trip to the far eastern region of Amur. Pronounced like the French word for love, apparently.

A​cquiring the Zikz 605R will take some effort for it has been abandoned in the second Phase 4 map known as Cosmodrome. Getting here involves repairing a landslide and that means gathering lots of tricky-to-get supplies.

A​nd that's what the video is about. Helping you gather the correct cargo, follow the correct missions and take the best routes across some of SnowRunner's most technically challenging terrain seen so far.

I​'m playing this on the Public Test Server (PTS), which is where updates go to be tested ahead of their official release. So console SnowRunner players will have to wait until the (unspecified) official release date to see what all this Zikz 605R fuss is about.

H​aving unlocked all four Amur maps and every new truck (so far), I can tell you that, despite the new maps having an Imandra vibe (as in tough as old boots), Phase 4 will be worth the wait.

SnowRunner is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Series S and soon the Nintendo Switch. Feel free to check out my other YouTube videos.

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