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Should you fly or drive? A guide to have a good time abroad – and while getting there.

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Photography & Text: Marcus Hoffmann // Styling: Giulia Carla Beskid // Model: Alena Mayuk

May and June are spread with bank holidays - inspiring many to take a few days off and go for a short vacation. Around that time, Menorca and Corfu are some of the top destinations for Europeans for this kind of break – especially when booked last minute. You might think that it is because of the lack of road connections to both islands that most people tend to fly there. But it’s probably because crossing the Mediterranean Sea by ferry has become quite unpopular. Statistics do show a huge rise in boating-related incidents over the last couple of years in these waters. Sometimes it isn’t just a matter of not reaching the shore at all, but of crashing into it.

I only left because I FELL into lifeboat when ship listed suddenly as I was trying to help

Francesco Schettino

To minimize the chance of you having to find yourself in the need of a lifeboat (or stumbling accidentally into one) you should stay away as far from boats as possible. Still in the need of yachting? Go for a Mercedes SL 500. Still want to explore the beauty of the Mediterranean? Go visit Tuscany!

This isn’t the most creative concept – in fact, it is probably one of the oldest to the day, concerning people from north Europe looking for a sunny get-away. The romantic relationship between all of Europe’s biggest poets to these golden hills in Italy is age old. The Germans have their Goethe going on and on about his trip to Italy. The British got Shakespeare, the Dutch… well… let’s assume they’ve also got someone. Painters too… Musicians as well (Pink Floyds Live in Pompeii is such brilliant piece of art).

Tuscany has some advantages over most islands: for instance, it is reachable without boats. If you got a sporty grand tourer than there’s no better way than to drive there – especially if the car is a convertible as well. If you got any other car – well, let’s be honest: there too is no better way than to drive there. Before you’ve come past the flybe check-in in Heathrow you’re likely to have already left the UK if you’d be using any other sort of transportation but a cheap airline. Even if you drive a Smart you’re able to take more luggage compared to the limits of the Ryanair baggage allowance. The only downside for everyone with brown skin: you won’t get your usual free airport-colonoscopy when traveling by car.

Tuscany can look brilliant – and if you come in the late summer or autumn, you’re likely to experience brilliant weather. If you come in any other time – do notice, that this is a region famous for its agricultural products which need a lot of water… meaning: there should be a lot of rain some when. Or at least a lot of mist. And yes… both do occur in spring and early summer (and winter). Be prepared to see fog ‘till noon… and surprisingly a lot of wind.

Choose your clothes wisely so you’ll be prepared for warm weather, sudden rain showers and a few windy days… meaning: wear your summer clothes and bring along a light jacket. By doing so, you’ll have something lying in the Hotel room which would have been useful when the rain occurs (obviously: the jacket). Try to be not annoyed when you forget stuff or misplace things (again: the jacket). Embrace every situation however it may turn out as it was intended to happen so in the first place. You’re in Italy – it’s quite warm – there is some drizzle – so yes, you might get wet without rain covers, but it will feel like a warm shower in the outdoors. Obviously: thinking positive will just lighten up situations in which you’re in need of a light jacket, but not situations where life vests are a must-wear fashion essential.

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Photographer: Marcus Hoffmann

Stylist: Giulia Carla Beskid

Model: Alena Mayuk

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