- We quote Motolock and Motomat tile requirements based on an inside edge to outside edge measurement. We have found that this improves estimating accuracy.

How to work out how many of our Interlocking Floor Tiles you need for your spac

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This tile estimation and cost comparison tool shows the approximate number of uncut tiles required for the dimensions input and guideline prices for a floor based on the different tile types. Costs are rounded to the nearest £. Where the floor dimensions require a mix of cut and full tiles to be used the exact quantity of tiles needed may be higher or lower than the estimate given here - depending on the type of tile interlock. If in doubt contact us with your floor dimensions and we will work out the exact quantities required.

Just fill in your floor measurements and click Calculate to get information on the amount of floor tiles you require and an instant cost. All prices exclude VAT. Important: Enter measurements in mm.

Calculate your flooring space

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