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  • My first car and some would say (lost) love of my life was my Volvo 740 turbo. The lag was part of the car’s driving character and it was so predictable you could just put your foot down a little earlier and apex those corners perfectly. I love all things Volvo but I think they have put a lot of time, R and D, and engineering into solving a problem that I’m not sure was ever really a problem.

    9 months ago
  • Does turbo lag perhaps have a positive effect in a drag race putting power down off the line? Having such immediate horsepower and torque seems counterproductive if you have a lightweight car.

    11 months ago
    • That's why you go to rev limiter. And trans brakes, launch control, etc

      10 months ago
    • Well you only need to spool a drag turbo once, and that could be on the line with a ECU strategy. What this solves is transient response.

      9 months ago


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