What is the most effective Drivetrain on snow?

  • -AWD/4WD
  • -RWD
  • -FWD
  • -Without Snow tires or chains neither of them work properly.

How you should come to a halt on snow?

  • -Downshifting. Using mostly engine brake to come to a halt and only braking if absolutely necessary.
  • -Like I would on dry clear asphalt. It´s just snow anyway

If your rear comes loose... what you should do?

  • Slam the brakes, it should help slow down.
  • -step on the trotthle and counter steer in the oposite direction of the drift to control the drift.

Where you should hook a car to tow it out?

  • -From the bumper, It should be strong enough.
  • -Use "the recovery point"
  • -Any part of the chassis should do it.

What is the most basic thing about driving on the snow?

  • Having learnt to drive like a Rally driver
  • No sudden jerking of the wheel or hard braking/acceleration inputs on the car.
  • -Staying home.

Should you drive on the snow?

  • -As long I know how to drive on it.... why not?
  • -Only if it is absolutely necessary.
  • No, Better stock up on everything before Snow season.
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