How well would you drive in snow?

1y ago

What is the most effective Drivetrain on snow?

  • -AWD/4WD
  • -RWD
  • -FWD
  • -Without Snow tires or chains neither of them work properly.

How you should come to a halt on snow?

  • -Downshifting. Using mostly engine brake to come to a halt and only braking if absolutely necessary.
  • -Like I would on dry clear asphalt. It´s just snow anyway

If your rear comes loose... what you should do?

  • Slam the brakes, it should help slow down.
  • -step on the trotthle and counter steer in the oposite direction of the drift to control the drift.

Where you should hook a car to tow it out?

  • -From the bumper, It should be strong enough.
  • -Use "the recovery point"
  • -Any part of the chassis should do it.

What is the most basic thing about driving on the snow?

  • Having learnt to drive like a Rally driver
  • No sudden jerking of the wheel or hard braking/acceleration inputs on the car.
  • -Staying home.

Should you drive on the snow?

  • -As long I know how to drive on it.... why not?
  • -Only if it is absolutely necessary.
  • No, Better stock up on everything before Snow season.

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Comments (135)

  • That was not good. No good answers... i mean "just drive on snow if its absolutely necessary".... If your car is prepared for it (winter tyres are an absolute must) its definitly no problem at all.

      1 year ago
    • Take in mind snow driving isn't like normal driving, traffic jams by spun cars, multiple collisions on highways... Not to mention how bad The asphalt can get

        1 year ago
    • Of course the driving style has to be adjusted, drive slower and check how you car can brake, so you have an idea how the grip level is, but its not that special, except its really icy than you have to drive extraordinary slowly.

        1 year ago
  • 67%

      1 year ago
  • You can know all the driving theory in the world, but if you can’t put it into practice, what good is it?

    Tip #1 Don’t drive with bald or summer tires in the snow.

    Tip #2 Don’t take corners too fast

      1 year ago
  • Good set of winter tyres and adapt a smooth subtle driving style with no sudden changes in your driving like fast acceleration, sudden braking or turning and always always keep your distance from the car in front. You should be fine

      1 year ago
  • What a dumb test! 😃 in my country everyone waits for a snow to drive, because its fun, much better than driving on asphalt

      1 year ago