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How will the Tesla Roadster start a new era?


Hello viewers, in today's review I will start with the All you need to know about the new Tesla Roadster 2020 then, there will be a full review on the Tesla Roadster and to top it off at the bottom is how the Tesla Roadster 2020 compares to the Bugatti Chiron and boy do you want to see that...

All you need to know about the 2020 Tesla Roadster

If you are looking to buy this car then this is the part for you. The Tesla Roadster has all sorts of never seen before features. The Roadster has 2 seats and 2 doors, it also has some boot space. The Body-Work of this car is simply a work of art. But I'm sure you'll want to know about the interior. The interior is very luxurious, equipped with leather seats and a new innovative steering wheel, this Tesla is sure to impress your average teenager. It is also a great car for the work shift as it isn't too big and is very simple. The car is very easy to park. This car will cost you £200,000.

Full review of the Tesla Roadster


This Tesla Roadster is named after the 2008 Tesla Roadster but apart from being the same size the 2020 Roadster is nothing like the 2008 Tesla. The body work comes with completely new well, everything. Let's start with the front body-work. There are new headlights that have a cut around the outer side which I like very much. No fake grill which is always a great thing to know. Now on the bonnet it somehow looks detailed even know it's quite bland, I like this idea and it's very attractive. Further down under the headlights, there is some detail and it's beautiful. These are for aerodynamics incase you were wondering. As we head around the side, you will notice that the Tesla Roadster has still got only 2 doors. The doors are normal and aren't gull-winged. There are new rims with a widened body and just behind the hind of the wheels is an air intake. Onto the rear of the Tesla there is a rear pop up spoiler it is only small but is still very effective. The new rear lights are also very attractive. At the back the Tesla does seem a little chunky at the bottom but is more detailed on the back than the front


The interior is very, well, odd but not in a bad way. I mean that the interior of the Tesla is very simple but very new which creates a comforting conflict between the interior being detailed and the interior being simple. The Tesla's stock seats are white leather. The Tesla actually has a new steering wheel which I must say I'm not the biggest fan of. However, the Roadster is still paddle-shift operated. The Tesla Roadster has a new centre console, it is a glass panel touch screen. This is classed as a Grand Tourer and a Sports car. The interior does easily reflect the interior, as there is a cossy, comforting feeling you get in the car however, the performance is nothing comforting...


If you've only heard the performance then you would think that the Roadster is a hypercar. Here's why...

Acceleration 0 - 62 mph 1.9 sec

Top Speed * 255 mph

Electric Range * 600 mi

Total Power * 1000 kW (1341 hp)

Total Torque * 885 lb-ft

Drive AWD


This Tesla comes at only £200,000, that's less than a new Aston Martin! But just wait until what you going to hear next...

Roadster VS Chiron

I'm sure back up there you wouldn't of thought that the Roadster has anywhere near the speed and power of the Chiron but in fact it does. Let's start of with the interior. They are very different and don't really compare to each other in the same way but I think it's safe to say that the Bugatti's interior is more classic than the Roadster's but the Roadster's is more modern than the Bugatti so they don't compare because they are both so different. The exterior of the Bugatti and he Roadster is super close but I think I prefer the Roadster's. No we got the stuff that doesn't matter over with now for the performance. I will just say who's best.

R= Tesla Roadster 2020 B= Bugatti Chiron

Aerodynamics= R


Top Speed=B


We can conclude that in a drag race or a normal race the Tesla Roadster would win, but, it doesn't stop there... The Roadster is £2,800,000 less than the Bugatti and it's better in almost every way. Thank you for reading and as always have a great day!

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