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How interesting it is to learn more about our favorite show ... The most pleasant thing is to read the positive reviews of the studios that organize the filming and the team members. And of course, we always wanted to know more about what the Grand Tour show looks like for those who create it with their long tiresome work behind cameras and microphones! Many thanks to these people for everything they wanted to tell us.

@asiafilmfixers insragram

"Busy year on the Mekong this year filming Amazon Prime's the Grand Tour 'Seamen' - great to work with the team again. We've all aged a bit since the TG Myanmar Special. Lets hope we get to do it again in Asia...somewhere."

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@peteapan instagram

"The Grand Tour has been my life for four years. I have been to some of the coolest places, and met even cooler people. It’s been a rollercoaster, one that I never thought in my wildest dreams I would get the chance to have a go on. Grateful for the ride."

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  • This is such a wonderful article,Svetlana!,it shows how much hard work is put into making it,how much love is poured in

    The joy in making it,is in every scene.such a joy to watch!♥️♥️XX

      1 year ago