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  • Put a manual transmission in the Lexus LC500, that is all.

      2 months ago
  • Bring back some of their gr8 dead cars, like the Celica, MR2, make a MT LC500 and maybe a special edition of the Land Cruiser with the LFA V10

      2 months ago
  • Bring back MR2 like they did with the supra

      2 months ago
  • - Make a manual Supra

    - Make a GRMN Supra with the V8 of the Lexus LC500 and RC F

    - Cancel the Yaris Cross

    - Make a GRMN86 with the Supra 6-Cylinder engine

    - Make a small convertible kei car (something like the Daihatsu Copen or Honda Beat)

      2 months ago
  • Kill the prius

      2 months ago