How would you configure the new Aston Martin DBX?

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37w ago


Finally, the Aston Martin DBX is out. This is the British company's first SUV and it also happens to be the first of their cars to be made in Wales, which is pretty cool.

Since this is here, it only makes sense that you can finally spec one too using their online configurator. Unfortunately, they don't price it up for you, but I didn't tick many optional extras therefore the price will be around £160,000-£170,00 which is still a scary amount.

As you can see, I have gone for a dark green exterior and a tan and black interior which I think looks great on most cars, especially Aston Martins. I also went for the cheaper wheels as I am really not a fan of the new 'Diamond Ribbon Turned' ones.


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Comments (39)

  • I’d configure it just like this.......

      8 months ago
  • I’d configure it with one of these...

      8 months ago
  • Aston Martin betrayed us

      8 months ago
    • 8 months ago
  • If I had to wash the car, silver with the interior you chose.

    If the butler was washing the car, the same as what you’ve chosen :)

      8 months ago