How would you promote your manufactured sedans against SUVs?

Consider that you are a sedan manufacturer, no SUVs, hatchbacks, etc.

3w ago


Think that you manufacture sedans, only sedans primarily. How would you put up a strong fight against SUVs and their manufacturers in times where these utility vehicles is the most preferred choice.

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  • "SUVs have become generic,who really needs to go off-road and look like a brute all the time,but one can always buy a luxurious and sporty sedan at a lower price!"

      21 days ago
    • True but there are crossovers which satisfy the needs of both, sedan and SUV. So do you think that would be enough to lure an SUV buyer to buy SUVs?

        21 days ago
    • not really,I actually was trying to target the so called SUV-crossovers only.

        21 days ago
  • SUVs are Boring and meant for family use only,and Hatches are for Small and a bit broke-families.So,buy a Sedan if you want Sportiness and Comfort as well.Oh,and don't forget:Most Luxury and Sporty cars are Sedans😎😎

      21 days ago
    • SUVs were boring some years ago. But that is no longer the trend. The new regular SUVs such as the Lincoln Navigator and the Jeep Grand Cherokee have proved just that. Hatches, I agree. Nice marketing campaign though!

        21 days ago
    • SUVs are really meant for Family purpose only.

      BTW,thanks for the compliments😁

        21 days ago
  • SUV’s are the modern day soccer Mum mini vans, who the hell wants to drive that!!! Buy yourself a sports saloon with 700 horsepower so when your partner starts nagging just mash the gas pedal and all you will hear is roar from the super charged V8 engine.

      21 days ago
  • Market towards non-traditional SUV demographics (sorry I didn't bring an elevator pitch 😂)

      21 days ago


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