How would you spec your dream Ferrari Daytona SP3?

The options are limited, but there are still a few nice options you can go for

1w ago

With every new car launch comes the inevitable configurator fun on the respective brand's websites. In today's case, I have ventured on to Ferrari's online car configurator to spec my very own (dream in a million years) Ferrari Daytona SP3.

There are very few options for the SP3 in comparison to other Ferrari models but I did the best I could to make a spec I'd like.

Usually, I would go for blue, green or red but this time I went for a yellow because why not. Alongside that I also added a blue stripe down the middle, red brake calipers, I ticked all the carbon fibre options, and I gave it a brown leather and black Alcantara interior.

This is pretty much how I'd have one but if I were ever in the position to order one from the factory, I would personalise the hell out of it and throw more colours at it.

Comment a photo of your dream spec below!

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  • Il post again when its out for fh5 and can properly spec it!

      11 days ago