How would you spec your Lamborghini Huracan STO?

Lamborghini adds the track-focused Huracan STO to their configurator.

7w ago

Lamborghini recently announced their newest V-10 supercar, the Huracan STO or Super Trofeo Omologata. This Huracan is a track-focused beast with aggressive styling and lots of aero. It also has a long list of customizations available, from changing the front bumper contrast piece to the color of the decals to the color of your seatbelts. The possibilities are nearly endless.

You enter the configurator with the launch color combination, which is one of the most aggressive yet sexy launch offerings I've ever seen on a sports car.

But it's easy to go for something clean and understated like this grey STO I specced.

However if I were able to purchase an STO....

...this is how I would spec mine. I would start with the Blu Uranus base paint with Rosso Mars on the contrast piece and the diamond decals. I would remove the white decal on the splitter and the roof scoop but I'd leave the STO badge on the door, with Rosso Mars as the outline. My wheels would be this supple bronze color that just pulls the whole look together.

My interior would be simple. White accents on the black seats to go with the red accents already embedded in a Huracan interior (like the fighter jet start button). The one bit of color I've added is to the seatbelts, which match the wheels.

How do you like my spec? If you want to see it yourself, the code is AFVFVU!

(If you're actually in the market for an STO, please consider using my spec then letting me come see it 🙏)

You can find the configurator at this link:

How would you spec your Huracan? Leave me some screenshots below!

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