How would you spec your perfect Porsche Taycan?

Configure it out: design your perfect Taycan on the Porsche Car Configurator

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Longing for a summer road trip? Imagining your ideal Porsche for the purpose? We’ve all been there over the last few weeks, and in the case of Mark’s team on Drivetribe, by spending a bit too much downtime on the Porsche Car Configurator.

But with money no object and no-one to please but yourself, how would you configure, say a Taycan Turbo S? We started with the standard blank canvas of non-metallic white paint, 21-inch Mission E Design wheels and a dark two-tone leather-free interior, and let our collective imagination off the leash.

The first thing to settle on was a colour, and while we’ve seen a few eye-popping Taycans in Mamba Green and Ice Blue, special order Carmine Red is the finish getting the most love around here right now. So that’s the first box to tick. We hope you approve …

Next up, wheels. The 21-inch Mission E Design, standard fitment on the Turbo S, are pretty hard to fault, but in the interests of mucking about when we should be working, we plumped for the Taycan Exclusive Design option, also 21-inch but with those beautiful blade-like spokes. And for no better reason than because we can, we had them finished in Satin Aurum. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Time to turn our attention to the interior. And bearing in mind what’s happened on the outside, there was only ever one way to go: the two-tone Black and Bordeaux Red in ‘smooth finish leather’. We toyed with the Bordeaux Red seat belts to match, but it seems you really can have too much of a good thing. So black they stayed.

Progress, undeniably, but who doesn't love details? Time to check out the Individual Options list. We ticked the box marked ‘Accent package in Neodyme’ because that does for the inside what Aurum does to the exterior. And of course, ‘Sport Chrono stopwatch dial in Bordeaux Red’ was an open goal.

Back outside and a big tick goes in the box marked ‘Carbon SportDesign package’ because you can never have too much carbon fibre detailing on a car. This is an automotive non-negotiable.

Then ‘Exterior Mirrors painted in Exterior Colour’ just because. And ‘Model Designation in Aurum’ because we’re already on the Aurum bus, and we like where it’s heading. A final exterior flourish are the PCCB ceramic brake calipers finished in high-gloss black.

That’s it then. All that’s missing is some Aurum pin striping courtesy of Exclusive Manufaktur. If you like it let us know. If you strongly disapprove, so much the better. Have a go yourselves and screenshot and share your masterpieces in the comments below.

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Comments (11)

  • I'd sell it and buy a 911. Just not ready to accept an electric Porsche yet.

      9 days ago
  • With an 4.0 naturally aspirated flat six and a manual gearbox?

      9 days ago
  • I’d get a Tesla Model S and have double the range for less money and better performance.

      6 days ago
  • Using the Tesla configurator 🤣🤣🤣

      5 days ago
  • Green on these 22" wheels with the black interior and the typical must have options I guess.

      6 days ago