How you can build the 2019 F1 cars with Lego bricks

20w ago


As promised, I have worked on both instructions and parts lists for each of the ten 2019 Lego F1 cars.

You can download both files for each cars in this OneDrive folder:


How do I build these?

For each car there is a PDF file with building instructions, step by step, like you would find in a normal Lego product. The one difference is that these have been generated by the software automatically, so they might not be as intuitive as actual Lego instructions. The other thing is that I changed a couple of parts in the separate parts list to make it easier for you to order them, so there are going to be a couple of parts that don't match the instructions. Generally nothing major, just a couple of colors.

The Force India ended up looking more different than the rest from the initial renders, because pink bricks are so hard to find, but the rest of the cars are honestly pretty similar. Most of the differences are about the Halo color, which is often light grey now, instead of black or livery-colored.

How do I get the parts ?

If you don't have the parts needed (there's a list at the end of the instructions PDF), you can upload the _Build.io file of the car you want to build to a websited called Bricklink. It will give you a list of the parts, their price, and where you can buy them. From there it's pretty easy to order them.

The cars should cost you between €17 and €30 each in parts, plus shipping. The Toro Ross, McLaren, Ferrari and Renault are on the cheaper ends of the spectrum.

For reference, there are about 150 pieces in each model, and the cars measure in at about 17cm or 6,5 inch.

Have any question or problem ? Ask away !

If you have any question regarding this whole process, you can ask them either below this post, via direct messaging on Drivetribe, or on my social media accounts : I'm Clemsie McKenzie (and various capitalization of the name) on Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter. Find me there!


Happy bricking!