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This story is how a simple man (myself) sold his pride and joy to buy a house only to realize his one car garage needed an occupant.

It was a warm May in the heart of Colorado, I had recently started a new job in the glamorous world of car sales. It was my love of cars and my need of money that led me to this world of the sad depreciation of the automobile. Since I was 18 years old I had my dream car, a 2005 STi that I would later modify to the extent that was beyond my greatest expectations. Though there were two down sides to this, the first being I had a great dog that I wouldn't let in it and second it was the beginning of the upslope in the real estate market in Denver. I was on a test drive with an older couple in a, yes you guessed it, Honda CR-V when we drove my an amazing stone house that looked far outside my budget. When they inevitably left the dealership I drove by the house, called the agent and later made an offer. The only problem I had was finding a way to pay for the down payment on said house. Well I sold my pride and joy which I had spent many countless hours, nights and weekends with.

Once I moved in though I felt I was missing something. I had an Isuzu Vehicross that while was a great car, did not fulfill my need of having fun driving. It was then that I came across and found my perfect M Coupe in North Carolina. Two owners, good miles and the color combo that I wanted. I got in touch with the seller and we both must have been very trustworthy. I say this because this is how the transaction went. First I had him take it to a BMW dealership for a PPI. Once it passed with flying colors I wired him three thousand dollars, after he received that I set up shipping on the car and had it within two weeks. Now I had the car, one of the keys and no title. After I received the car I wired him the remaining finds and he sent me the title and other key. Again, I think we both were lucky that each other were trusting car guys but it truly was a seamless transaction. In the following posts I will talk about modifications I have done, trips and adventures I have taken and other exciting things. I welcome everyone else to do the same. These cars are not for everyone, therefore some of the stories are unique and equally exciting.

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