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Hows it going guys! Im from San Antonio, but just moved up to Dallas so I created a page called Texas Fuel Junkies that I will be posting stuff from that area. Feel free to join if you would like. Im currently part of the Texas V-club and own a 09 CTS V so I will be posting a lot of Cadillac stuff but I love cars so I will be posting different things as well. Also own an 85 GMC. I miss the hill country raods north of SA so it nice to see this page!

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  • I moved from Dallas to San Antonio 2 yrs ago. Gosh I miss stretches of the George Bush between Los Colinas to Hwy 183. A few years ago that was the best place to get a feel for a car. I did 117mph in a GTO. It was so bad ass. I wanna go home! 😥

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