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  • Better than whoever owns that car with broken off bolts. That’s never a fun day. PB Blaster, drill, extractors, torch and lots of profanity are the RX. Or sawsall, mig welder and a straight pipe. Either way ... sorry. That’s sucks. We’ve all been there.

      4 days ago
    • Yeah, well, I own that car. It's my 626. Just starting to do stuff myself after I started working as a mechanic apprentice. Previous owner screwed the bolts in at an angle. Had to cut them off. Have to get another free day to finish the job.

        4 days ago
    • Awesome. Love it when people make it more difficult by doing crap work. But it was a fun learning experience or something like that. 😁🤪

        4 days ago
  • I’m working. But I’m gonna go dirt road cruisin in a few hours with my buds.

      5 days ago
    • That sounds super awesome. My car is in the shop and I didn't have enough time to get the bolts out. Bicycle it is until I have my next free day again...

        5 days ago
    • Oof. Sorry to hear that. I also forgot to mention that I’m gonna see Star Wars 9 or whatever in the theater.

        5 days ago


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