HPI Super RS4 revisited

One of HPI's more outstanding cars given a new life

This car by HPI was released in 2004/2005 (I think). It consisted mainly of parts from its 10th scale RS4-brothers. But the Super RS4 was bigger...about 1/8th scale, which made it special. I used it for races in the HPI Challenge Series at that time. It was powerded (well...not really) by a rather 'mild' 17 Turn motor.

In it's new life which began in the summer of 2016, the car was set up with a contemporary sensored brushless powerplant with 8,5 turns and 7000mAh LiPo battery, which gave the car ballistic speed and brutal acceleration. Just about right for trying out the car at the opening day of the local MAC Meckenheim club track.

I spent most of the day to optimize the car's setup, by changing springs and stabilizers and battery-position and changing the gurney-flap at the rear of the car.

adjustable gurney-flap at the rear-wing

adjustable gurney-flap at the rear-wing

A noticable difference was achieved by changing the stock suspension-arms to the carbon-reinforced much harder option parts, which gave the car a much better and sharper turn in.

At the end of the day the car was able to race along the fastest cars on the track. A very nice day at the track ends.

HPI Super RS4 with the body off

HPI Super RS4 with the body off

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