H&S Motorsports Wastegate Kit for Ford Powerstroke 6.4L 2008-2010

    Eliminate one of the hidden issues with the 6.4 powerstroke that can actually extend the life of the truck

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    Hey Everyone,

    I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the H&S Motorsports Wastegate kit and the need for the kit if you are a 6.4 owner. All too often we hear about how the 6.4 is a problematic truck and it blows up and whatever B.S. you hear around the net, but what you don't hear are all of the solutions the issues that are actually true or even misunderstood.

    In this post I am specifically talking about the issue of excess drive pressures that are extremely detremental to the 6.4L Powerstroke. If you look at a stock 6.4 with emissions or even a deleted 6.4 with a basic delete you will be able to look at the drive pressure for both and see that it is above the recommended ranges based off of the boost pressures being made. Lets not forget about the trucks waking 200+ in additional hp thanks to tuning provided by any of the available options out there.

    To explain this in a simple and easy to understand is excess drive pressure is bad. This is where you blow out heads in extreme situations, but this is also where inefficiency comes from and I will explain. Drive pressure (which is the pressure in the exhaust manifold) needs to be equal or at least relative to the amount of boost pressure that is being made. So for example the stock drive pressure on a 6.4 running on stock fuel can see pressures near or at 90psi. This is the inefficency I am talking about, the pressures need to be brought down to its range that is efficient which is around the 50-60psi range. Bringing the pressure down not only makes the efficiency of the motor go up, but it takes the eccess strain off of the motor which will extend the life and prevent premature failure of the 6.4.

    So in short the 6.4 does have some flaws and to be honest any Diesel truck does, but identifying the flaws and fixing them sooner rather than later will prevent further issue as well as get effiency which = mileage out of your vehicle. This will ultimately save you money over time. The reality of this simple and often overlooked solution by H&S is that it is actually pretty easy to install considering its function with only a 1-3 hour install time.

    Hopefully this has shed some light on an issue that many 6.4 powerstroke owners may not have even thought about or for that matter even known about. This in my eyes is a must and though it is around the $1200 mark, take into consideration the cost of replacing the motor if it blows, take into consideration the MPG you are getting now with the truck running inefficiently and then I think you will see things a little more clearly.

    See this kit here: www.dieselops.com/h-s-motorsports-wastegate-kit-for-ford-powerstroke-6-7l-2008-2010

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