Hubert Dobler

2y ago


Situated at the intersection of technology and art, Doblers work revolves around chaos and utilizes “masculine tools,” such as motorcycles, chainsaws and concrete drums, recording the traces these machines generate when allowed to exist outside their conventional use.

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Roundabout 2 / 9.28.2014

By taking apart and rearranging objects out of context, I examine the emotional and visceral ties that the viewer may experience when machines are abandoned and operate in an unrestrained fashion. Roaring, bucking and crashing, my machines highlight the power and energy trapped inside everyday technology. I expose the raw power and free spirit inherent in engines and motors. Roundabout 2 is an exploration of kinetic Objects. Two motorcycles that are “tied” together circle each other. Like caged animals, the bikes are on display, performing their trick on repeat. Madly spinning, the throttles are wide open and the bikes release all of their stored energy moving freely in a space creating burned rubber marks.

The scenario, by Hubert Dobler, is the fictional incarceration of three “prisoners” (mutant chainsaws with motorcycle wheels) and the evidence of their resultant activities. This site-specific installation, and Dobler’s continued incorporation of motorbikes (symbols of freedom and rebellion) in his work, represent an ongoing investigation into the limits of freedom within the bounds of civil society.