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Hulkenberg blames Kvyat, but says he'd have done the same

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Hulkenberg’s F1 Mexico GP nearly went off without a hitch as the German was to pull off a rather decent recovery drive, following an awful-by-comparison qualifying session where he finished only 12th but ahead of teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

However, it wasn’t to be a smooth end as on the final lap, a contact with Toro Rosso’s Kvyat sent him careening into the walls in the final sector as he lost his rear wing completely. He managed to still get through the chequered flag but was out of points then.

The 32 year-old then benefited from a post-race time penalty to Kvyat as the Russian dropped down out of the Top 10 from ninth. Hulkenberg finished 10th eventually but largely blamed Kvyat, although he also admitted that as a driver, it was worth a try from him.

“It’s frustrating to only pick up one point,” said Hulkenberg. “We perhaps were a little bit too keen to pit early. In the latter stages of the race I was struggling with the car a bit, trying to get in a rhythm. Obviously he did push me into the wall.

“I left significant space on the inside and he’s trying, which you have to as a racing driver, so, just one of these things in racing.” From the inside of the incident, Kvyat was equally frustrated but his anger was directed at the stewards for the penalty.

“I’m quite upset with the penalty I received because as a racing driver, I disagree with it because we are told we are allowed to race,” said Kvyat. “Nico was defending and I was attacking and these things happen, especially on the last corner of the last lap.”

Even though Kvyat scored nothing, Toro Rosso picked up two crucial points with Pierre Gasly ending up ninth in the end. It helped them to be tied on points with Racing Point but they are ahead in the standings in fifth, only nine behind Renault.

[Note: This article was also written by me on Formularapida, and edited by Darshan Chokhani]

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