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Nico Hulkenberg wishes for Renault to be competitive on all the F1 circuits in the 2019 season after pockets of brilliance in 2018 on certain tracks.

Although the French manufacturer improved in the constructors' standings from sixth to fourth in 2018, the car though wasn't an all-rounder as it struggled on certain circuits all-through the season which meant the fight with Haas ended up being a close one.

In fact, the American outfit almost had Renault at one stage but then couldn't for certain factors not going their way. Also the gap between Red Bull Racing and Renault ended up being a huge one as well with 297 points - to be precise.

Not only the power unit but Hulkenberg would want an all-round competitive package from Renault for 2019 which he reckons will help them compete with their competitors all-through the year rather than only on certain circuits.

"The ambition is to be more consistent on every track next year and to be competitive throughout regardless of the tracks we are racing for sure," said Hulkenberg to FormulaRapida.net.

"[Overall] I assess the season as a positive and good one. I think the general global picture from sixth last year to fourth is a good progress, but of course that's not enough as we want more, we want to get better and faster.

"There is a lot of positive that happened this year. We got stronger and better but there are still some areas where we need to focus and work." The French manufacturer did not have the best rate of development in the 2018 season when compared to its rivals.

It started off well but then did not have a major upgrade as such. It brought smaller ones which the drivers thought did not work as per expectations. It will certainly need a solid step in the winter to jump the midfield pack and find a place in the Top 3 fight.

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