Hummer EV pick-up set to be revealed on October 20th

The spiritual all-electric successor to the dead American brand will be unveiled next month.

Whenever you think of Hummer, you think of unnecessary weight, humungous fuel consumption, pure American incompetence, and the happiness people felt when the brand was killed off by GM in 2010. Recently however, GM has revived the Hummer name and announced plans to release an all-electric Hummer pick-up.

One of the standout features on the car is something called 'Crab Mode' that allows it to move across the terrain diagonally like a psychotic crustacean, and which has been made possible by the car's four-wheel steering capability.

Other features on the car? Well, according to its makers it will have 1000bhp (impressive!), it will go 0-60mph in 3 seconds (very impressive!), and it will have ultium batteries, which is disappointing, because those batteries will cover less miles of range than Tesla (400 miles in comparison to Tesla's 620).

The car does seem promising, but it also has another problem: it's coming out next year, the same year as when Tesla's Cybertruck, Nikola Badger and Rivian R1T also come out, which means that the EV supertruck market is already becoming saturated and the sole winner will be the company that is the most trusted in terms of EV reliability - Tesla - meaning that the other cars will fail and potentially break their makers.

So, hopefully GM will REALLY impress the people on October 20th because that might be the only way they might have a chance at competing with Tesla.

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Comments (2)

  • I think if GM were to bring the IC engine hummer to market they would easily sell them in high numbers in this crazy for suv's world. Selling an ev truck is gonna be really hard because these are pointless vehicles imo and only people who craves attention are going to buy these trucks and in those cases looks really makes the difference and though we have not yet seen the hummer ev in full detail but judging from that front grille i think its gonna be the same boxy looking hummer we knew and liked and if that's case tesla is going to have an upper hand with there futuristic looking vehicle with a cool name like CYBERTRUCK and the second issue like mentioned in the article is gonna be reliability. I m not saying hummer is not going to sell because there r people out there who would love to own one and i want it to be successfull because its one of my favorite vehicles. Well i guess all we can do now is wait.

      7 months ago