Hurry up to buy your personal Reliant Robin from Grand Tour! All cars for sale

The unique, extremely valuable favorites of Jeremy, James and Richard, as well as Andy Wilman and every fan of the Grand Tour cars and shows, are sold for the price of a charitable donation. So far, the price is less than £ 2,000 per copy. Hurry up to get such a miracle for your collection, because the auction will end tomorrow.

"Green Reliant Robin - Previously owned by the television production company Chump Productions. As used by Jeremy, Richard and James in Amazon Prime Video’s The Grand Tour. Car in good condition and recently serviced . No MOT. Collection only"

Andy Willman Reliant Robin

James May's Reliant Robin

Jeremy Clarkson's Reliant Robin

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Reliant Robin's History. Dear Memory to everyone.

Jeremy Clarkson article about Reliant Robins

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In this article, Jeremy tells the secret of his famous trip on this car, explaining why it turned over all the time, and how reliable it really is.

"In fact, I like the Reliant Robin so much that when Richard Hammond, James May, Andy Wilman and I formed our new production company, I rushed out immediately and bought one as a company car. Interestingly, the other three did exactly the same thing. So now we have a fleet sitting in the executive car parking spaces at our offices and we love them very much. Especially the fact that they cost us less than £15,000. That’s £15,000 for four cars."

"Of course, they’ve all been fettled to suit our tastes. May’s is an ivory white estate model that is standard in every way, right down to the chromed overriders. Hammond’s is a lovely chocolate brown with whitewall tyres. Wilman’s is finished in racing green and inside is fitted with a wooden dashboard and lambswool seat covers — as befits, he says, the chairman of our enterprise. Mine — a coupé, naturally — is finished in winner blue and is fitted with an Alcantara dash and quad tailpipes. Minilite wheels complete the vision of sportiness."

"A lot of people think we have bought the cars purely as some kind of weird publicity stunt but, actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Because we really do use them on a daily basis. Or, to be honest, we try to use them . . ."

"My first attempt had to be abandoned, because the engine decided that tickover should be about 5500rpm. Which meant that in fourth gear I was doing about 80mph without putting my foot on the accelerator. I say “about”, because the speedometer wasn’t working. For an accurate reading I’ll have to wait for a letter from the speed camera people. "

"Hammond’s has no functioning fuel gauge and he would therefore like to apologise to everyone on London’s Cromwell Road for running out of petrol the other night while turning right into Earls Court Road. Apparently the chaos he caused was quite spectacular. "

"Wilman’s hasn’t actually gone anywhere at all because as he tried to put it into reverse, the gearlever came off in his hand. "

"I’m not sure what’s wrong with May’s. He tried to explain but after four hours I nodded off slightly."

"This is what makes the Reliant Robin such a joy. My Volkswagen Golf is a car. The Porsche Cayenne I used over Christmas and will review next week is a car. You drive a car. But the Reliant Robin is not a car. It’s not even three-quarters of a car. It’s more than that. "

"It’s sitting in its parking space outside the office now, in the rain. And I’m worried about it. I hope it’s OK and isn’t missing me. Owning a Reliant Robin is like having a family pet. Yes, it’s a nuisance sometimes, and, yes, it can be stubborn and unreliable, but it scampers when you go out together, and if you play with its differential, it will even roll over so you can tickle its tummy."

Reliant Robin's history even has a fascinating memory of how James was actually seduced by Richard Hammond's brown car. After all, as you know, brown is James's favorite color. And he, despite his standards, took it to ride around London. Richard found out about this from the news of the Mirror newspaper and left a message to May on Twitter.

They were also used in the marketing program and are of historical value, this was acquired in honor of the founding of the Grand Tour show. These cars are artifacts and personal affections of famous presenters. Pets, who were a symbol of true, great and inexplicable love for cars.

You may ask how this can be decided to sell? But how could be decided to part with a tent, conversations, and other things we loved ... Is a new time coming? Or is it a symbol of a sharp change in format? Definitely the entire audience of the show says that the most important thing that we want to see in the future, not paying attention to the lack of the tent and meetings with fans, is that Jeremy, James and Richard should be together and create joint projects. Because their friendship is the same that gives us all happiness and joy. It makes the world a little better and kinder for everyone. And friendship is a miracle. This must always be remembered. We want to see a miracle!

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