HW Door Slammers '71 Datsun 510

First time I bought a whole set in a while

So the Door Slammers appeared here in my local Supermarket, and this is the first time I bought a whole Car Culture Set in a while.

The 510 isn't my favorite from this set by a long shot - but I am starting with it anyway as it is still "Rising Sun-Day" somewhere, I think...

It's a bit larger and cruder than I would like a model to be at this price point - but still, I couldn't say "No" to it in the end.

But the set has a few beauties in it, as you will see over the coming days.

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Comments (2)

  • Even if you feel it looks crude, people here in the states and probably elsewhere go gaga on this casting. Nice finds over there. i still haven't seen one here.

      1 year ago