HW Door Slammers Ford Escort RS1600

Mk I Escort For the Win!

So here's the last of the Door Slamers set, and for me, not at all the least. I would put this as a close second to the Alfa Romeo as my personal favorites from this set.

The casting is well known, but again it is the paint job that makes this one stand out. The black with gold accent simply look great on this car.

If you are old enough, or interested in classic racing liveries, you will immediately recognize this as the color scheme of the "John Players Special" Racing Team. Of course, today you can't put cigarette advertising on racing cars any longer - or toy cars, for that matter.

So thanks for hanging in there while I took my time posting these. Which one is your favorite?

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Comments (2)

  • Tough one to answer, but I guess the Ford is an absolute winner here. Perfect livery mated with neat tampos and Watanabes. If only they did a similar one with the 2016 mainline Castrol livery!

      1 year ago
  • Love that

      1 year ago