HW Door Slammers Magnus Walker Porsche 911

Hello again

The fourth of the Door Slammers models is the famous Magnus Walker Porsche 911 #277. And Hot Wheels collectors will get a sense of deja vu here - yes, that same model was already released as a regular model a while ago.

This one doesn't look all that different apart from the wheel. That makes the asking price a bit hard to swallow. But it is a very nice model indeed, and I do love my 911s.

This one might be my last Walker model though - I think there's been enough of them (and RWB, too). I really like my Porsches as they came from the factory, mostly.

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Comments (3)

  • Yeah, I'm with you: I'll buy all the Porsches that I can find, but please, enough with the RWB and the same Walker car over and over. Walker has a lot of Porsches, at least do a few of his different ones if it has to be his.

    Having said that, though, it is nice to have an all-metal version of this casting. I'll get a few and make some customs :-)

      1 year ago
    • That sounds like an excellent idea!

        1 year ago
    • Also, thanks so much for posting this series. This is the first one in a while that I'm interested in all of them, more than just in passing. They haven't shown up here yet, but I'm keeping an eye out.

        1 year ago