- It's a hybrid and sounds MENTAL GOOD! (goes good too!)

Hybrid? Calm down it's Naturally Aspirated

With all this Naturally Aspirated V Low Blow V Hybrid talk I'm here to tell you a Hybrid is still an N/A. It's not Rocket Surgery just do the sums!

2y ago

It's safe to say that I'm starting to get pretty nauseous about all this Porsche engine talk. "Oh my goodness it's a low blow turbo" "Oh sh#t it's a flat four" and now there's the new one "Oh no a hybrid 911? surely not" It just goes on and on! Seriously we are all starting to sound like a gaggle of old hags complaining about the price of milk, or a bunch of old farts complaining about their wives constant complaints about the price of milk!

It's time we all got a grip and actually used this white (some say grey) stuff in our heads which God put there so we can figure sh#t out before we start to whine too much. I mean what exactly do you think a hybrid is anyway? I bet my left proverbial most of you are thinking of a Toyota Prius or similar. Those mass produced "plebs cars" are just a massive yaawn I totally agree but they do serve a purpose however, by getting barely breathing human drivers & their luggage, family & pets from point A to B without using much fuel. But by the time the humans arrive at point B any semblance of driving pleasure is literally leached from their system by way of zero fun, zero noise and zero handling. The only flip side a smaller fuel bill whoopte-doo!

Well any of us who engage in social drives with our local clubs or private drives with our Porsche mates will testify that we don't give a flying flat six About Fuel Economy

a. porsche guy

Well any of us who engage in social drives with our local clubs or our Porsche mates will testify that we don't give a flying flat six about the price of fuel before any drive! And when we end up a few 100k's from the nearest city & are forced to pay even more for the fuel because our tanks are empty we care even less. Fuel economy + spirited drives = impossible! So why the heck would we all want to be driving around in a hybrid Porsche? Surely this hybrid technology will never get into "our" venerable 911, all those rumors we've heard must be false? WRONG they're true so suck it up and think about it for one second. You see there is a lot to like about a hybrid 911 a bloody lot! You just need to consider things a bit more. I would say it's actually better than a purely naturally aspirated engine! Here's why...

Nobody every complained about the 918 Spyder. Why? Because it sounds totally mental goes like a cut snake and sh#ts on any Supercar anytime anywhere both in performance, noise & looks. Sufficed to say we all want one and its a bloody hybrid. So why the howls of discontent about a hybrid 911? You may or may not know that Porsche already built a hybrid 911 back in 2010 being the GT3RS Hybrid Race car. It looked absolutely insane and more importantly sounded incredible, and I'm talking "hairs on back of neck" incredible all powered by a flat six + hybrid boost. Since then the tech has moved on and in future years it will move on again and again. Let me say this BRING IT ON it's going to be a very good thing, in fact it already is a very good thing.

The current 992 has space in it already for hybrid tech and it WILL come once it's A: Reliable enough & B: Light enough & C: Cheap enough for mass production. And when it comes it will mean that you can kiss goodbye to "different" sounding low blow Porsche cars and say he hello to that naturally aspirated howl & scream we all love, crave and need in our lives!

While I am not even close to as clever as a Porsche engineering boffin (Porsche boffin intelligence = 991 GT2RS V My intelligence = Row boat) I can work out that it's possible to get rid of the turbos totally and JUST have the hybrid. The 3.0 in the current 992 is already considered a "small" engine but just imagine if the turbo's are dropped and battery backup instead provides extra ooomph. Suddenly you have a naturally aspirated 3.0L motor that kicks you in the guts every time the hybrid kicks in!

Naturally aspirated flat 6 with battery backup? Stand up if you like that!

Naturally aspirated flat 6 with battery backup? Stand up if you like that!

Another complaint from Porsche dudes (actually I'm part of the chorus on this one) is that the 911 just keeps getting bigger, wider, longer & fatter. While I'm happy to say that I stand totally corrected with the 992 as it looks absolutely awesome in the metal however we need to consider that it simply can't continue to get bigger. There will have to be a cut off point when Porsche AG say "now vee shhtart to go smaller again ya?" otherwise bigger roads, parking bays & garages will be needed.

There will have to be a cut off point when Porsche AG say "now vee shhtart to go smaller again ya?"

A. Porsche Boffin

Here is my prediction, with hybrid tech totally sorted and working as it should we may start to see physically smaller 911's with much smaller motors! Image just imagine a narrow body bare bones manual 911 sporting a new utterly up to date 2.5L flat six with the latest hybrid tech. The sounds that that thing would make would be incredible, the acceleration would be manic and the handling from the super light modern 911 would bring tears of joy! We could even look forward to a venerable 2.7 again maybe even a 2.7RS with a newly designed duck tail! Sh#t I think I just cried for a second no bull.

So my point is simple, let hybrid tech come its going to be a very good thing for all of us. Even the flat 4 in the 718 range could be swapped out for a 2.1L flat 6. My goodness can you imagine a screaming 994 GT3RS sporting a 3.2L Hybrid Flat Six spinning out to 9500rpm.

So the future looks very bright, very bright indeed just let it come and enjoy the ride!

Thanks for the read, if you fell asleep don't worry you can always drive home in your Prius.

Cheers Edward Roose

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  • Very well said Edward. Well written. The Taycan sounds like it will be almost affordable in Australia at around $200,000.

      2 years ago
    • Cheers John and welcome to Drivetribe. Looking forward to reading your gt4 article soon 📖😎

        2 years ago
  • Nice article and I hope time will prove you right! :) Other than getting bigger all the time, personally I don't like the fact that the 911 is getting more grand tourismo with every generation. I can't say that I am fond of the interior of 992 either, apart from the gorgeous rev counter. In my humble opinion, 911 reached its peak with 997.2, after that it is a bit of a downhill, if you are looking for a "real" sports car, not a car that tries to do everything great.

      2 years ago
    • Yep I'd agree with that to a point. The 997.1 and. 2 are 911 historical high points. I know I've had 4 at various stages. But the 992 looks incredible albeit a bit fatter. I'd like to see Porsche go back to a small engine narrow body 911 with hybrid...

      Read more
        2 years ago
    • Sounds really cool (the cars would sound cool as well! :))

        2 years ago
  • Here's my dearly departed 997 gosh how good does it look ❤️

      2 years ago
    • Looks great with the decal and black lobsters! My poor man's 911 got a similar setup. :)

        2 years ago
    • Oh please the 996 is not the poor mans 911 it's the purest 911 I love them

        2 years ago