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      It has been very much the only future for mankind, considering that the gas reserves are running out faster than a Veyron. A lot of automotive companies have tried to use electrons to move the car. Some as a pure electric car, from the Nissan Leaf (I own a Nissan and personally feel they should just stick to the GT-R) to the new craze of Ludicrous Tesla.

      The other side saw almost all car makers use the electric motor to boost the car performance, to fill up the gaps left in the fuel engine. The Audi, Merc, Hyundai, Ford, all tried their hand at this game. But I feel the few who did it right are Toyota Camry Hybrid, BMW i8 and the Honda/Acura NSX.

      Now there are a few more big fishes in the pond. The ones the trio took out for a spin in GT-N S01E01 namely the McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche. I have no idea on their performance coz frankly I (and I am sure most of you) have not seen one yet. But let me know, do you think it is justified to use Hybrid technology to push the performance of the car rather than coming up with more stuff like Teslas, and more importantly who do you think has done it right?

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