Hydrogen Fuel Cell vs. Electric

1y ago


The future of automotive transportation, like it or not, is not petrol. However, what the future is, is still undetermined. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are growing rapidly in popularity and for good reason, although there is certainly valid concerns with the sustainability and environmental issues of EVs they offer a potential future fuel source that is already widely available today. Meanwhile Hydrogen Fuel Cells (HFCs) offer a more familiar experience to petrol and utilize the most abundant element in the universe as a fuel source. Additionally refueling a HFC car is no different then a petrol car and is quick and painless.

However, EVs still require painfully long recharge times and Lithium Ion batteries will not increase in capacity so dramatically as to make the EV a vastly superior option. Simply put the HFC offers a simple and relatively painless transition from petrol while offering vast improvements for the environment and as technology improves your wallet could see some benefits as well. EVs meanwhile, feel like a technology that has immense potential but lacks the necessary improvements to battery technology and energy infrastructure required to make it a slam dunk. Perhaps HFC cars can serve as an intermediary between the petrol cars of today, and the Electric cars of tomorrow.

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  • I see you mixed them up. Hydrogen is the future, while EVs are here to be made fun of

    1 month ago


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