Hydrogen: Germany commits to the future of fuel cells

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After having agreed on higher subsidies for battery electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrids, the recent "car summit" had another big surprise in store.

BEVs are highly controversial. You often hear things like "Charging them up takes too long.", "In terms of resources, they are even worse than conventional cars." or "The limited range is what keeps me from buying an EV.", even though the latter is not even true anymore.

Next-gen Toyota Mirai concept

And chances are that somebody is at some point going to say "Hydrogen is the future". Many people believe that hydrogen has already fallen too far behind in terms of sheer numbers, especially in Europe and North America. Sure, the news is currently dominated by BEVs but the German government has now announced that they are willing to commit to the future of hydrogen as a clean source of energy.

Currently, there are only about 600 hydrogen-powered cars in Germany, but the short-term goal is to turn that number into 60,000 within three years' time. The second big issue is the hydrogen infrastructure. By the end of 2019, there will only be about 100 hydrogen fuel stations across Germany. Another 15 of them are planned to be constructed in 2020. Is that enough?

Audi A7 h-tron

No, but it's a start. This news is probably music to the ears of many BEV-critics. And when one of the biggest car-nations in the world commits to hydrogen as a real alternative, this will send a message to the rest of the world as well.

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  • Yup, now we're talking. We can only hope that they will gradually lower the costs of making them and this will start to sound like a real "clean" future.

    9 days ago
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  • Finally!!! 👍

    10 days ago
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