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With perfect conditions, a stock-standard McLaren​ 720S has run the 1/4 mile in a hypercar beating 9.7 seconds at 236kph. It consistently ran 9.7s at Atco Dragway​, situated in New Jersey, some 45m above sea level. This time just falls short of the Dodge Demon​'s 9.65 1/4 mile though. The 720S is powered by Mclaren's new M840T 4.0-litre V8 Twin Turbo motor that produces 527kw/770nm and retails for R5 500 000. #TunedAutomotive #SomeShitAboutCars

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  • I love the Mclaren, it’s fast and beautiful but they will have a problem when the new Tesla roadster knocks a full second off that time.

    1 year ago
    • The difference is, Mclaren and Dodge have gone out and done the times. Musk could tell us the Tesla does a 5 second quarter mile and we couldnt disprove it. For now, all that the Tesla...

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      1 year ago
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    • Still having a hard time believing that the Tesla will be much of a drivers car with a 1 ton battery underneath (They saying it will have 2 x model S size). Sure, they save weight for not...

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      1 year ago
  • Surprised it didn't outrun the Demon!

    1 year ago


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