Hyperon Composite mirror...

1y ago


After finalizing the mirror shape in solidworks, I print the profiles on a piece of MDF and glue them together, then sand down to finished dimensions.

After satisfied with the shape and verifing the dimensions are correct I split the plug and mount it on a MDF board.

Then I apply a tooling gelcoat, and sand to a 400-600 grit finish

After a few coats of a PVA mold release it time to lay the chopped mat to create the mold.

After the mold has curred, I split the mold and plug and prep for composite layup.

The composite cocktail in place, ready for the bagging materials.

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Infusion Process! 6X speed

First part pulled from the mold. A few issues but a good start.

Here's a pic of a trimmed and assembled Hyperon mirror! (Test Mirror)

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