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  • I just created a series of planes that cut through the parts at a spacing that equals the MDF thickness I would like to use, then insert a sketch on each plane and use the intersection curve feature. If you are not familiar with this feature, you create a sketch on a plane that intersects your model then select the intersection curve feature, then select a surface that cuts through that plane. It will create a sketch for any surface that intersects that plane. After that, I extrude the sketches to create the individual MDF pieces.

    If your ever in the Round Rock, TX area, I would be happy to show you how I do it in person!


    1 year ago
  • So, how are you converting your solidworks models into 2D Slices for your mold making?

    I'm the guy from Luling who offered the shop space for the class if that takes off. Thanks for your time - Russell @ Nerd Rods

    1 year ago


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