Hyundai brings another hot machine to us- the Elantra N TCR

The N division seems to be on a spree to reveal performance machines one after the other.

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Just yesterday, I brought to you some info and official images of the most powerful N car from Hyundai, the RM20e which is based on the Veloster. Today, there's another one, not as brutal and ballistic for sure, but one that has been engineered by the boffins with an unwavering acumen to be a rally stalwart. One look at it and one can make out that this delectable car was curated to take part in the WRC, a rally championship, the Korean brand is well-known to take part in.

It has been given the name, Elantra N TCR where TCR abbreviates for Touring Car Racing, which is exactly what it is. To dispose off the qualm and pallor before their emergence on your face, it is not an electric machine but a gasoline powered one which makes use of a puny 2.0-litre engine that also powers its road cars for an expected figure of 340 hp and 410 Nm torque (302 lb-ft) as these are the maximum figures that TCR cars can have. This means it has got enough power and torque to lunge forward slicing through the narrow off-road trails. It is also reported to get a rollcage. However, look at the sparse ground clearance and those splitters and side skirts and you will be left perplexed whether it can traverse through the beaten path. Hence, it is best left for the racetrack. The concierge guiding all the power to the wheels is a 6-speed auto'box that also gets paddle shifters.

Just how most things today in the automotive world are guided by defiant yardsticks, the TCR too has its own guidelines which requires a car of this category to weigh at least 1,265 Kg (2,789 pounds) with the driver. The interior of the car hasn't been revealed yet but as this form requires to cap its weight, expect it to be barebones basic. However, a roll cage will constitute a part of the cabin.

The car surely looks elegant and searing from the outside with those unconventional colours doing their part for an uber cool look. The massive tire tread, small wheel arches, bulging fenders and the homongous spoiler are all the perfect attributes for a solid stance on the track. The only thing that leads to umbrage is the rather meek grille, similar to what previewed on the Nissan 400 Z Concept. A lot of presence comes from the exhaust but this car just has one at the centre giving the impression of an afterthought. A quad-exhaust layout would have looked epic.

Currently, in its testing phase, Hyundai has already battered it somewhat having driven for 5,000 gross kilometres (3,106 miles). It's been three months since the testing was given a shot in the arm and Hyundai says they expect to begin deliveries by the end of this year. It will be a worthy addition to the already venerable lineup of N cars such as the Veloster N and the i30 N besides being the only sedan derivative currently. Hyundai's tenacity at this segment was long wanted by gearheads and seeing such phenomenal progress only means we will get to behold and dabble with more of these rapid monsters to get a heavy dose of zing.

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  • I really like infact love what the koreans are doing these days(south Korean s, ofcourse,lol) except the BTS nonsense.

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