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Hyundai develops active air-con vents for the future

Much like the scales behind Mercedes' Vision ATVR

10w ago

Cars are going through a complete overhaul. The gearbox has been reduced to some buttons. We might see a PSP replace the steering wheel in the future. And now, Hyundai wants to hide air-con vents altogether.

The South Korean carmaker has filed a patent for a vehicle interior trim to revolutionise the air-con vents forever. The patent cleans up the traditional dashboard design by replacing air-con vents with a slab of cells or scales, as seen in the Mercedes Benz Vision ATVR Concept or BMW’s Vision Next 100 Concept.

“The openings are arranged, so that light, sound, or air is discharged through the openings to the interior space of the vehicle”, describes the patent. As cars in the future are looked upon as luxurious mobile vessels doubling up as living spaces, the traditional air vents restrict the airflow to a limited motion. Hence, Hyundai’s solution allows more flexibility in the dissipation of air, with actuators being used to tilt open/close the cells.

Moreover, the patent diagrams exhibit Hyundai’s plans of including these active cells at various places throughout the cabin. Cell positioning on the A-pillar and the roof-liner would allow a more centralised source of air, light or sound output desired by the occupants. Hence the future looks to boast larger cabin spaces with lounge or swivel seating followed by active air outlets and autonomous driving. Maybe we are inching close to Hollywood’s idea of the future.

Do not expect this technology to appear on Hyundai’s upcoming crop of EVs, such as the Ioniq 5, as this seems to stay reserved for more futuristic models.

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