Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul - November 21st visit

Featuring: Hyundai Heritage Series concept cars and detailed views for the Hyundai Ns

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After awfully spending 2/3 of November with troubles and personal depression, I heard about Hyundai's special exhibition for the Heritage Series concept cars. So to relieve myself and take a close look at such special cars, I rushed to Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul once again.

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Hyundai Sonata (Y2) EV, 1993

This model is Hyundai's 3rd electric car prototype, able to do a top speed of 130km/h and go up to 120km for a single charge. The car's body is from the one made in Bromont (Canada) factory (Hyundai's foreign factory & production attempt that went futile). The car's charging port is not compatible with modern charging systems, but the car is still functional.

Hyundai Heritage Series - Grandeur

The 1st generation of Hyundai Grandeur - based on the 2nd generation of Mitsubishi Debonair - was first introduced in 1986 and became a significant part of Korean society and automotive history. Taking down Daewoo's luxury sedan market domination, Grandeur was seen as a symbol of success and wealth, while also having a history of 'beloved by gangsters'.

This is a restromod of the 1st gen Grandeur - keeping the original car's aesthetics for the exterior with a few updates for a refreshing look, completely revamping the interior, and completely electrifying the powertrain. The interior features a 4-way sound system with 18-speakers, ambient lighting, and burgundy velvet, Napa leather seats.

Hyundai Heritage Series - Pony

Hyundai Pony, first introduced in 1974, holds a great significance in Hyundai's history as Hyundai's first original car and South Korea's first mass-produced and first exported car.

Keeping the original model's Giorgetto Guigiaro-designed exterior with a few updates, the interior features many new technologies in a retro-style - touchpad gear shifter, voice-recognition steering wheel, and a Nixie Tube speedometer.

Hyundai Avante (Elantra) N

Hyundai Sonata N Line 'The Black'

Hyundai Tuscon N Line

Some people soothe themselves and find inner peace by going to mountain tops, doing yoga, drinking heartily made teas... and for me, it was seeing 3 unique cars in front of my eyes and resting in Avante (Elantra) N's driver seat. There's an alleviating factor in taking photos at many different angles and feel free to touch detailed parts... I'm glad & happy to have such an experience without having to travel for hours.

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  • Love that Hyundai has a museum like this even for their forgettable models

    Jkjk still it’s neat to have some of their retro models and hope that it goes into production

      7 days ago