Hyundai present Today they new weapon of mass rally destruction

2y ago


Today in the F1 track ot Monza, Hyuindai Motorsport unveil they team and car for season 2017.

The car dosen't have a lot diferences since the last testing video we saw. It have wide body, very large front spliter and big wing in the back. All aero elements are baset on the new regulations. The chassis is base on the Coupe version of Hyundai i20.

The new i20 looks like is angry ang hungry to eat some dirt

“This is the biggest change to the regulations for some time,” explains Team's Principal Michel Nandan. “It’s a great new technical challenge and one that we have tackled with enthusiasm. We want to demonstrate our ability to fight for the Championship next season – and we are confident the i20 Coupe WRC will help us do just that.”

The drivers line-up is the same, like this season and the team is going to have tree cars ready for Monte Carlo 2017.

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