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Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Rendered!

Hyundai finished styling the Santa Cruz, but what will it look like?

2y ago

The new chief designer of the Hyundai Motor Group confirmed that the brand “finished” styling its upcoming Santa Cruz pickup. The Santa Cruz pickup was inspired by the Santa Cruz concept (image down below).



A digital artists decided to render Hyundai's pickup to give us a better idea of what it could look like.

According to Carmag, the new pickup is closely related to the Tucson. The digital artist, Kleber Silva, used the latest Santa Fe as a base for his rendering. We can clearly see the artist grafted the SUV’s face onto a pickup body. Moreover, round back back, the rendering also pilfers the Santa Fe’s taillamps. It is odd, however, that the digital artist did not opt for the traditional pickup-style tailgate.

The public version of the Santa Cruz concept is likely to arrive in 2020, even though Hyundai claimed that the it will arrive “as soon as possible”...

The original Santa Cruz concept revealed in Detroit in 2015 (see image above) looked like a two-door. However, Kleber Silva’s render looks like a proper double-cab pickup (full-size rear doors).

Are you excited about this pickup? Do you think the Santa Cruz will be a proper pickup? Vote down below.


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Comments (8)

  • They should of made it like the concept it looked really cool but that's just ugly

      2 years ago
  • I like pickups, I own one but this one is just ugly.

      2 years ago
  • Why does it exist? It's not like the roads are littered with Honda Ridgeline's. Not enough to want the Hyundai version.

      2 years ago
  • Yikes

      2 years ago
  • It's so fugly. Please Hyundai, make it like the one you showed us, why be such a tease and do a bait and switch. No crewcabs. If I want a Ridgeline, I would buy one. USA needs a simple small affordable pickup. Think Holdon Ute. Chevy, if you are listening, you can bring the Chevy Montana/Tornado into the USA. It would sell well.

      1 year ago