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Hyundai shows the Bayon's quirky face

The Kona will soon have a little brother

5w ago

Hyundai is actively preparing the arrival of the future small Bayon SUV by publishing a new teaser with two new photos of the vehicle. As a reminder, the Bayon will play the role of Hyundai's entry-level SUV by positioning itself under the Kona. It will then replace the defunct i20 Active, which was never successful.

The Bayon does not intend to make the same mistakes as the i20 Active. It will be a brand new model and not just an upgraded version with plastic protection derived from an existing vehicle. Like the Kona, the Bayon will have strong styling to distinguish it from the competition.

The urban SUV will feature a front end that adopts two-stage headlights as in the rest of the Hyundai SUV range with the main beams positioned at the bottom of the daytime running lights. A very large forward-facing front grille will give the Korean SUV an extra touch of character.

The rear section will be fitted with boomerang-style taillights linked by a red reflective bar. It won't illuminate for obvious cost reasons. Under the bonnet, the Bayon will be available with mild hybrid three- and four-cylinder petrol engines. The Hyundai Bayon will be officially introduced in the coming weeks.

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  • From what I can see it doesn't look too bad

      1 month ago