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Hyundai to bring a flying car to CES 2020

Will Hyundai's hub replace the Times Square?

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Just because we failed at our first attempt at something doesn’t mean we’ve failed altogether, right? We keep trying. Hyundai is the latest to join the long list of companies who’ve tried creating flying cars. The sky might get busy soon!

The upcoming CES 2020 tech show will serve as the stage for Hyundai’s latest innovation, and it'll look to hog the majority of the limelight when it showcases its Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) and Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV) set of concept cars. While the former is an air transport vehicle - literally a flying car - the latter is a transparent cuboid-resembling automated vehicle. Even though the purpose of the PAV is quite evident, it is the PBV on which Hyundai seems to put more emphasis. Come on guys. Flying car!

According to the firm, the PBV is a ‘highly customisable concept’ with autonomous driving capabilities, making this vehicle to be ‘more than just a means of transportation’.

Both vehicles fall under the carmaker’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) umbrella. As this is the future, obviously both will feature complete autonomous driving. And the image at the top of the page might be a glimpse into the future of our cities.

Under its UAM banner, Hyundai plans to build facilities called Hubsm which will act as take-off and landing points for the PAV as well as pickup or arrival spot for the PBV to ferry passengers. The carmaker believes the Hub will serve the purpose of transportation while also doubling up as a community space. Does Times Square need to worry?

Hyundai’s entire UAM idea will be showcased at the company’s CES press event to be held on 6 January at the CES 2020.

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  • This will never happen. There's just too much scope for collateral damage. Imagine bits of car falling from the sky from every little prang. We can't even get 2D autonomy working properly, let alone adding the Z axis.

      1 year ago
  • Well.

      1 year ago