Hyundai Tucson N Line 1.6 CRDi 48v 136PS 2WD Manual - Santa is coming!

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Well, according to my 9-year-old son we are only a few days away from welcoming Santa into our home, meaning, life as a dad just got that littlebit harder. Firstly, I am left with the task of ordering the Christmas Turkey– which means, I will, sure enough, get the wrong size ‘again’ - meaningmy partner will spend the rest of Christmas Day telling me ‘again’ why did she ever trust me with sorting out such a simple task.

Then my 14-year-old daughter will be asking me to set up her brand new mobile phone - which I pretty much had to remortgage my home to buy. I bet the Apple boss doesn’t spend most of his Christmas afternoon wasting his time downloading all the apps needed to run the sheer number ofprograms a teenager now runs on their mobile phone.

Then, just as I begin putting my feet up on Christmas afternoon, my son will hurry down with a rather large Lego box full of Land Rover Defender bits for me and him to build together. Of course, when I say together –what I mean is after about an hour my son will be bored and leave me to finish it off all on my own.

On that note, I hope my son is not reading this weeks motoring review, because then he will know what one of his many gifts will be on Christmas Day - and I will be back in the dog house once again. Merry Christmas.

Moving on, this week’s review puts me in the driving seat of the Hyundai Tucson N Line, a vehicle that I hope will tick all the boxes for many.

Power and Efficiency:

Fitted with a 1,598cc CRDi diesel engine with 136PS @ 4,000rpm and320Nm of torque @ 2,000 - 2,250rpm. 0-62mph is around 11.2sec, and fuel consumption is a decent 48.7 mpg combined with a top speed of 112mph.Now, I know from having many conversations with many people that everyone thinks the word ‘diesel’ is a dirty word.

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not. I’m here to tell you it’s ok to buy a ‘diesel’ vehicle. Why would it not be? Letters on a postcard to the editor if you disagree with me on this one. Also, its a mild-hybrid meaning it's playing its part in moving with the times as well as saving you some money. So, what’s the 48v system there for?

Well, its there to be on hand to help acceleration at key moments for optimum performance. It does this by recouping the energy underbreaking – which it then stores away for use when you need it most. To simplify that – it makes a little extra bhp when you need it most - which I hope helps the Tucson stand out as a decent mild-hybrid.

On the road:

It’s pretty nimble for such a large car – and in a way, it could be classed as‘frisky’. Also, take the Tucson out on the open road, and you soon begin to feel just how well it grips. The chassis and the suspension also felt well-honed to what the wheels at each corner are doing – which makes for a thrilling ride for the driver as well as a solid performer out on the open road for someone looking for something a little bit ‘sportier’.

Design & Technology:

The Tucson is in my book pretty good looking, and in N Line trim its even more dashing. So, no worries in the looks department then. The swooping lines and that well designed front end does show off just how good itlooks. I was also in the supermarket car park the other day and a gentleman came up to me and said I love your new Jaguar. I responded with – ‘you are very kind, but its actually a Hyundai’. He still loved it all the same. To be honest – I don’t blame him.

Standard equipment on the Tucson N Line starts with; 19” alloy wheels, NLine badging, N Line exclusive front & rear bumpers, N Line grill, N Lineleather & suede seats, dual-zone climate control, auto headlights withdusk sensors, parking sensors front & rear, parking system rear camera,Bluetooth connectivity, DAB digital radio with 6 speakers, 8” touchscreennavigation, ABS, AEB, BAS, DBC (Downhill Brake Control) ESP, ESS, HAC,LKA (Lane Keep Assist) and VSM (Vehicle Stability Management).

To sum up:

What can I say – the Tucson is a great drive and perfect for someone who wants a vehicle that comes with a large amount of space and many extras for a reasonable amount of money. Hopefully, you will now go out and give it a test drive and see for yourself what the Tucson has to offer.

Price: from £28,010 (price as tested)

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