Hyundai unveil the Elantra N as they look to increase performance models

The Elantra sedan is the latest Hyundai to get the N treatment

Hyundai is the overachiever of the decade, in my book, because they went from selling a variety of rather tragic cars to an entire line-up made up of reliable, solid and commercially appealing vehicles. The brand is currently working to improve the overall image of the Hyundai badge by giving some of the cars the 'N' treatment, kinda like (in due proportion) what BMW have been doing with M and Mercedes with AMG.

The Elantra, the brand's flagship sedan first introduced in 1990, is the latest Hyundai to join the N portfolio, which means it will receive a power upgrade of some sort (yet to be announced), sporty looks, a rear spoiler and beefed-up suspension.

“Elantra N is undergoing final development now, including validation at Nürburgring, so we can deliver a car that enthusiasts will love in 2021," said Thomas Schemera, executive vice president and head of Product Division at Hyundai Motor Group. “Once launched, it will be the flag-bearer of the Elantra lineup".

Hyundai are putting a lot of eggs in the 'N' basket and apart from the Veloster N, arguably the most popular model in the collection, and the upcoming Elantra, the company is planning to expand the N line-up with seven new models by 2022, including the i20 N and the Kona N.

The N / N Line models are essentially performance-oriented models and the letter N stands for Namyang, the R&D Center and test facility in South Korea, and also, believe it or not, Nürburgring, which is where all N Hyundais are developed and tested. James May will be thrilled.

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Comments (4)

  • So there’s going to be two distinctive “N” badges on the cars?

      2 months ago
    • it's unclear. In theory, they have the N cars and the N line cars. I'm assuming that's similar to what BMW has done with the M: you got the M cars and the M spec for cars that aren't M

        2 months ago
    • Seems like Hyundai is adopting the age old tactic of, “If you can’t convince them, confuse them and then con them.”

        2 months ago
  • I hope the elantra n is an amazing sedan version of the Veloster n

      2 months ago