Hyundai Veloster drifter (!)

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Someone actually buildt a drifter from a front wheel driven Hyundai. Drifting is relatively basic. Unless you have a car with 4000 hp, you would need a car that is rear wheel driven. A Hyundai Veloster is a hatchback with the engine in front, but the car is also front wheel driven. The only way you can drift with a car like this, is if you pull the handbrake in a parkinglot and slide a few feet - or you could back up really fast while you turn the wheel. That's not drifting. And Veloster is NOT a drifter.

Andre Olsen (18) drifts the Veloster around the track

Father and son Olsen did some research on the Veloster, found the specs, and came to the conclusion that the car had potential. It was a modern car, with the right wheelbase to work as a drifter should. One of the most popular drifter cars; the Toyota Supra is 250 cm, and the Veloster is 264 cm.
So they went to their local Hyudai dealership "Sporty Bil AS", to see if they could find a car. After they had discussed with the manager Jan Inge, he gave them a brand new Veloster! The only demand he had, was that he wanted to hitch a ride once they had completed the car.

The car went trough a massive transformation, everything was pulled apart, parts were replaced, and it was rebuildt from a front wheel driven car, to a rear wheel driven one. The powertrain is from Toyota Supra MK4. The engine is from their old car, a Supra, that is buildt from parts from Jonus Racing, and mapped by Løberg Racing. The engine provides about 700 hp, and 900 nm. That is about 500 hp more than the sharpest original Veloster. That'll do it...

>Engine: Toyota Supra 3l Turbo with 700 hp - 900 Nm.

It has been quite a project, with a lot of people involved. Hyudai Norway of course, but also Gasoline in Porsgrunn, and RRS in France have all contributed in making this a safe car for the kid behind the wheel. Chairs, firefighting equipment, and harness came from them. Olsen Sr. made the WRC cage himself. The car also has stereo, rearview camera and navigation. One needs a little luxury. The instrumens are all in a tablet, that goes wireless toward the maxx-ecu, pedal set from OBP, chairs, harness, steering wheel, and firefighting equipment.

Wheels are Zito 10x18 in the rear, and 8x18 in the front, with ET (Offset) 15. Tires are HiFly by Jons Dekk & Felg.

Recently this car was featured as a cover-car in Gatebil Magazine

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  • Mother of god! I have a Veloster and its the coolest car I owned. But this makes it the beastest!

    2 years ago
  • First!

    2 years ago