Hyundai will Use Fingerprint Instead of a Key

25w ago


For the 2019 Santa Fe, Hyundai has ditched the key fob completely. To unlock it and start it, you would need to use your fingerprint.

The scanners have been placed both on the door handles and the starter button, so it won't be any less convenient. In fact it will be more because unlike with the key, you can't lose the damn thing.

Another great feature of such a system is personalization. Once the car reads you, it will set the driving position to your preconfigured setting, switch on the radio you like, and start the massage just the way you want it. Yes, you can do that with different keys now, but those you can misplace, take a wrong one and run out of them all together.

What about security?

Hyundai claims that the system is five times more secure than anything else on the market. To drive off both door-handle and starter-button must read the same fingerprint.

And if you are feeling like faking a fingerprint, the car maker says it can deal with that too. The system measures capacitance across parts of the fingertip, linking that signature to the print itself. So, if somebody shows up at the car with a fake fingerprint, the vehicle should be able to tell it's not the actual driver.

The odds that Hyundai's tech will misrecognize a print are 1 in 50,000, and that is five times more secure than before. It must be true since even the phone makers are all aboard the biometric security.

The tech will first be deployed in overseer-happy China, and if proved successful, it will show up in other models and markets too.