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Hyundai working on standalone N car

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Since Hyundai revealed the N line of performance cars, there has been talk of a unique range topping model. Unlike the i30N and Veloster N, the new N car will be a bespoke, built from the ground up as a performance car. Think of it in the same way as the Polestar 1 is to Volvo.

However, we now know that Hyundai has confirmed that it will be producing a range topping model using the N badge. We also know that the new car will be built on a bespoke platform, but other than that, we know nothing more other than the basic teaser picture. And when I say we know nothing more, I mean it.

Hyundai desperately needs a true range topping model as let's face it, the Santa Fe is an excellent SUV but it's not desirable to enthusiasts. Gyoo Heon Choi, who's in charge of Hyundai's high performance planning agrees, by saying "Hyundai needs something to further improve its high performance image”. “The base model is not enough. Volume-wise it’s good, but it’s just a derivative. We need something unique and powerful to live at the top of the hierarchy.”. “At the top is motorsports, then just behind that is halo and then comes the N models.”

Choi also confirms that N is toying with different types of powertrains and bodystyles. There is also a strong possibility that the mysterious N car will have some form of electrification. Hyundai knows what what they're doing when it comes to EVs with their experience with the IONIQ and the Kona EV. Don't be surprised if the mystery N car will have some form of hybrid assistance to it.

As previously stated, we don't know when the car will be revealed or when we will find out more information about this mystery N car. But, we do know that there will be more N tuned cars. Hopefully, there will be an i20N to rival the likes of the Polo GTI and Fiesta ST. This makes complete sense as Hyundai use the i20 in the WRC. There may even be Tuscon N too, which will probably sell like hot cakes.

Regardless what this car may be, it'll have to be as good as the i30N if the reviews are anything to go by. Even if it is marginally better than the i30N, the mystery N car will still be a very good car indeed.

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We're excited about this mystery N car, regardless what it may be. Are you excited? Let me know in the comment section down below.

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